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Ghost by Maurice Jarre

Just wanted to post one of my favorite love themes from Ghost (NO, not Unchained Melody)  I’m talking about the score by Maurice Jarre, who is most well known in the film composing world for scoring Lawrence of Arabia. The day I fall in love with the right person, I’m sure this score will be humming through my head.

Scores of Star Trek

goldsmithconductingI’m seeing Star Trek Into Darkness tonight and should have a review up for it by tomorrow.  In the meantime, since this has been Star Trek week (or I should say 2 weeks) on Moviecappa, I thought I’d do a post with samplings from my favorite Star Trek film composer, Jerry Goldsmith, who established the now famous theme we know from The Next Generation, as well the recurring themes including the March of the Klingons.  But for me his three most beautiful scores in the Star Trek Canon are Star Trek:The Motion Picture, First Contact, and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.  Yes, say what you will about Star Trek V.  But the score is undeniably beautiful, and the possibly the best thing about the movie.  So for your listening pleasure, here’s a few great scores from those films:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Klingon Battle Theme!)

Star Trek: First Contact:

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier