Mike’s Animated Films


The Jellyfish Girl was my second year film at Cal Arts. This film was made at a major turning point in my life. It not only changed the way I wanted to tell stories, but this film also became a personal call…leading me towards an unexpected destiny.  Believe me, I didn’t really know that’s what it would be at the time, because after I made this I found myself on a completely uncharted path. It was confusing, terribly disorienting, leading me through the most difficult and life altering 8 years of my life. That kid in me that originally wanted to be a Disney animator disappeared after this film, and I found myself destined for something greater.  When your own art actually changes you…that’s a powerful gift.


Bear Food was my first year film at Cal Arts. Why does the bear have boobs? I’ll let you figure that one out. I hold a special place for this film.  It wasn’t the first film I ever made (I made my own films when I was a teenager, including a few short cartoon), but this was my first serious attempt at being a filmmaker, and I learned quite a bit from working on it. I’m not one of those artists who feels weird about looking at my old animation work, but this I like revisiting this film once in awhile just to see where it all started for me as a character animator.  I’ve gotten much better since, but on the days I do feel I’m struggling with my work, I can watch this film and see where I first came from, and I feel it helps to restore confidence in my own talent.  (Just a quick note: This film has no soundtrack to it. I will place one in eventually when I have the time, or see if I can get someone to compose new music for it.)

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