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Welcome the Ideas/ Commentary Section!  This is where you can read my Archive of past posts regarding my thoughts about Animation and Film Industry.  Just like my Film Reviews Archives, keep in mind again that I have changed quite a bit since the older articles I’ve posted.  Regarding some of the more angry and hostile commentaries I’ve written about, I stand by much of what I say, although much of the anger I felt at the time has subsided.  If you wish post comments and talk about these topics, I am happy to oblige and engage in discussion about them, but please don’t get too wrapped up in the heat of my articles.  It’s a place for discussion, not to start a fight.  If you feel the need to get hostile and overly antagonistic about my commentaries… guess what…unlike other websites I will approve your comment, but be prepared, because I will write a rebuttal, and it won’t be pretty on your end.  So my simple advice…is play nice.

Other than that, I hope you find my editorials insightful and illuminating.  Enjoy!


Some Villains Deserve Better

Disney’s Purchase Of INDIANA JONES met with a resounding…meh? (This Is Infamous) 12-09-13

What Is Our Point Of Attraction When It Comes To Movies (This Is Infamous) 12-11-13

Entertainment Vs. Character Vs. Story 10-8-13

BREAKING BAD: Walter White Is Not A Villain 10-3-13

When Dexter Lost His Way (This is Infamous) 9-23-13

Thanks For Everything Hayao Miyazaki (This Is Infamous) 9-3-13

Classic Cinema’s Missing Audience (This Is Infamous) 9-1-13

Movies Are Not Television 8-28-13

What Does Brad Bird Choose To Be? (This Is Infamous) 7-29-13

What Happened To Classic Cartoon Villains? (This Is Infamous) 7-25-13

6-3-13 Movies Need More Consequences (This Is Infamous)

The Diary of a Film Cynic (This Is Infamous) 5/30/13

When Cartoons Were For Everyone (This Is Infamous) 5/29/13

5/15/13 A Good Story Well Told

3/23/13 How The Iron Giant Changed Me

3/9/13 Paying Attention to What Your Children Watch

2/26/13 More Important Than Any Reward

2/21/13 Why Disney Animation Is Disappointing Me

1/31/13 Why Paperman Doesn’t Work

1/28/13 You Can Always Go Back To Kansas

1-25-13 Animator’s Blog

1/16/13 I Sense Much Anger In You (Brave Director’s Trilogy Part 3/3)

1/16/13Giving Credit Where It’s Due (Brave Director’s Trilogy Part 2/2)

1/7/13 What It Really Means To Be Brave (Brave Directors Trilogy Part 1/3)

1/13/13 Questions to the Adam and Dog Crew

1/12/13 Caricature Is About Honesty

1/5/13 I’m An Animator, But Does That Make Me An Artist?

1/4/13 Sacrifice and Consequence in the Movies


12/30/13 The Magic Of 24fps

12/29/12 It’s Not Animators Who Change The Industry

12/01/12 Pain Makes Art

11/25/12 Self Worth And Golden Idols

11/07/13 My Thoughts On The Disney Buyout of Lucasfilm

10/05/12 Remember Calartians, Be Nice And Don’t Piss Anyone Off

9/10/12 Making Up Your Own Rules

9/7/12 Realism and Believability in the Movies

6/24/12 The Decline of Feature Animation “We Shouldn’t Take It Seriously Because It’s For Kids”

7/21/12 Dark Knight Rises and The Colorado Shooting

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