Happy Bipolar!

1381966_10200865081812793_426701977_n Welcome to Happy Bipolar! Click Here To Visit The Site!  I started this website as a way to share my life experiences and adventures, and to tell you what I have learned about myself because of these experiences.

I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction.  What you put out in the world is reflected back to you.  If you’re constantly in a place of anguish and despair, those are the experiences that come into your life.  However, if you lead a joyous life filled with hope, and a shiny outlook on the world, you get that reflected back in the form of your experiences!  Life’s a journey, and you are all that is.  Everything you experience is the result of your own divine creation because everything you want for yourself in this world is already out there.  It exists some place and some time.  I’ve begun practicing meditation daily and use this as a source for attracting the things I desire in my life, by tuning into that place like turning the knob on a radio where my desire exists, and feeling the positive vibration NOW as if I already have the thing I want most.  If you can do that daily, just for 15 minutes, you are already on your way to opening up new doors in your life and creating the life that you want for yourself.  This is what this blog is all about.

I’ve assigned myself as an example of someone who generates and plays by the law of attraction.  I will talk about syncronicities I see, whether it’s numbers on the clock, or repeating events.  I will tell you what I experience and give you ways to help you better attract the things you want in your life.  There are several great guides and resources out there, one of them actually being Abraham Hicks book and lecture series THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.  Abraham Hicks inspired the series, THE SECRET, which talks about attracting the things you want in your life simply by the power of your thoughts.

Everything is a reflection of what you are, like a mirror.  Even as you read this, I am you speaking to yourself.  You have hopefully come here to be inspired, and that’s exactly what I intend.  I intend to prove to you that this law of attraction really works and that by continually acting on happiness and joy in your life, you will begin to see how much your world is going to change.

Why is this site called Happy Bipolar?  Well for one, I am diagnosed as Bipolar.  But that is simply a label.  It’s not the real person that I am, and if you’re diagnosed with a mental illness, it is incredibly important for you to know that you are not your diagnosis.  You are a mirror for others and a mirror for your own self reflection in this world that we live in.  It’s up to you in your own responsible way to find the outcome of what your life’s purpose means to you.  It can mean whatever you want it to mean.  The one thing I learned about my label of Bipolar and the meaning I assigned to it is this:  It has no meaning.  Because I am not my diagnosis.  If I were to assign my own viewpoint to being Bipolar, it’s simply my joyous outlook on what the rest of the world may or may not understand.  And if they don’t understand, that’s not my problem.  And for anyone who doesn’t understand you regardless if you’re mentally ill or not, it does not matter.  What matters is you and only you.  You are the door and the key.  You follow any path that YOU lead yourself to.  As Bashar would say, You are the You in YOUniverse!  You decide what kind of life you want to lead and if its a happy one.  I am choosing to attract those people who also enjoy playing this game to come and post, and share your thoughts and experiences about your life.  Whatever you decide, whatever your life means to you, it all comes down to you.

So take a trip with me, come have your own experience, and enjoy!  And have fun!

Happy Bipolar!

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