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Moviecappa One Year Anniversary!!


Hot damn!  Moviecappa is One year old!  I missed it by two days, it was actually on May 10th, 2012 that I first started this site.  I for one am very grateful that I have kept this site going for that long.  I started this site because I have always had running commentary in my head when I go to the movies as well as when I see what goes on in the industry.  It’s a place for me to talk about why I think the movies are important, and what we can do to see them get better.  It’s also been my vision that this could be a place for filmmakers to come and talk about movies, and discuss the thing we want most out of them:  good storytelling.  This site was created out of passion, and I hope to see more discussion and bigger things to come for this site in the future.  If you have been an ongoing reader of the site, thank you so much for coming back and for your support!  Greater things are yet to come!  So stay tuned!


Violent Is The Word For Curly


Got a classic Stooges short for you today, “Violent Is The Word For Curly”. Now just to let you know, this was on of the Stooges earlier shorts from the late 30’s.  The boys are in full form here.  They’re a little rougher.  Moe especially is much more of a jerk during this period (which I love), and there’s some terrific gags spread throughout.  I especially like the “Swing’n the Alphabet” song.  This is a fun short.  I hope you enjoy!