BREAKING BAD: Walter White’s Silent Partner: Survival


It’s pretty amazing to see how ahead of the game the writers have been on BREAKING BAD all this time.  No one can truly predict where and what will be the final fate of Walter White will be.  He is a lone man on a mythological journey…a man who near the end of his life (thanks to the disease cancer), he realizes in that moment he doesn’t know who he is.  He wants to be a provider for his children and his family.  He doesn’t want his cancer to strip the family dry of medical bills before his death.  So he does the one thing nobody could ever dream doing:  He uses his chemistry talents and goes into the meth business, producing the most perfect purification of meth that anyone on the market has ever seen.  He’s a brilliant man.  But he’s also haunted by his previous lost enterprise.  When his chance to be a partner and run a multibillion dollar organization goes down the drain, because he sold his share too soon to pay off a few months rent, it was survival that ruined his chance at success.  And yet in the end, survival is what he’s been stuck with.  There has been no peace for him, and the path he’s ultimately chosen in his meth world is full of strife and consequence.  Bodies have piled up all around Walter White, and yet his partner “survival” is always there to bail him out.  If this were Dexter, survival would be Walt’s dark passenger.  Every single time he has done something awful, he still manages to get out, despite the lives that he’s ruined.  There is always a sign…a signal of some sort hanging like a piece of meat that tells Walt he can get out of a situation, and Walt always takes the out.

So the big question is, will Walt face down the consequences of his actions?  Dexter went into hiding.  Walt went into hiding too, and you know what?  It broke him.  The phone call to Junior signaled it, and the announcement on the television by his former associates that this was the death of Walter White.  At least in Walt’s mind he’s dead.  We saw in the last shot of the last episode he was in the heat of the moment, about to do something we know may be ultimately dangerous and his undoing.  Which part of Walt died in that moment?  If I had to guess, it’s his need for survival.  The one thing that started it all.  The one thing that ruined his chance at a successful normal life.  When he was a man on the run, survival was all he had left and all he was faced with in that cabin.  For months.  Whatever Walts decision is now, he’s about to face it head on.

Is he going to go after the Schwartz’s for leading him to quit the business?  I don’t think that’s the case.  Is he going to face up to his crimes?  I don’t think that’s the case either.  He’s not someone to let everything he worked for go to nothing.  He’s become fully consumed by the dark.  The one thing that’s left to clue us in is that vile of risen.  Who is it ultimately going to be used on?  Who is he going to go after or wants to go after most?  It’s not going to be himself, because he’s already dead to everyone.

As Walt faces his destiny we can only begin to wonder how it’s going to end.  The thing we are certain of is that the end is not going to be pretty.  It’s going to be dark and gruesome, and possibly costing the lives of everyone involved, until there’s no one left except Walt…a man who will have lost everything to gain an empire…or what’s left of one.  He may be on the verge of secretly reclaiming all that he lost.  He is setting the ground work for something new to build on all that’s come before him.  I have a feeling with Walt in the Finale, we’re going to see a long look into his future, and what his true destiny is that awaits him.  He may as well operate his new empire from another country.  It’s possible that’s what will happen.  But he will be alone.  Without his family, and without the people who once loved him.  Walt is letting go of everything and starting over again.  But he’s going to take a lone vigilante stance.  He wants people to think that he’s dead so he can take his place as the new king of meth.  He’s going to face whats been waiting for him all along.  He’ll fake his death, and he’s going to run a multi-trillion dollar meth empire.  He’s going to be the underground lord of meth.  He’s going to get everything he ever wanted for himself and never realize that he’s alone.  His son or Jesse will probably kill Walt for all the things he’s done.  Somebody close will come after him.  That will be the end of Walt.  Except Walt is already dead.  It won’t matter to anyone anymore.  Or he’ll be taken out in the most pitiful way possible.  Nobody knows for certain.

I love this show.  I just completely pulled that prediction out of my ass.  I’m not going to count on it being right, but hey, that’s the fun of stuff like this.  Breaking Bad, when its all over you will be missed.  I’m glad I caught up with it when I did.

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