My Little Chickadee Pic

W.C. Fields

I’ve put off for far too long seeing this classic W.C. Fields/ Mae West film, “My Little Chickadee”.  I saw one Mae West film awhile back, the terrific “I’m No Angel”.  She’s very funny, especially when she refers to her black maid servant (Hattie McDaniel) as 8 Ball.  Race gags are funny just to see the kind of stuff we would never get away with in film in our culture today.  I still haven’t seen a W.C. Fields film that’s really sold me on him as a comedian (despite his legendary status).  It just goes to show that even if somebody is considered a legend, you don’t necessarily have to like that actor if you don’t want to.  But I think the pic above is awesome.  Fields and West co wrote My Little Chickadee, so I’m interested to see if I think its any good.  Here’s a trailer for it below.  It’s in my Netflix Queue, so review coming soon!

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