A New Light

rainbowI’m in the midst of an artistic breakthrough at the moment. It’s going very well actually.  When you go through something like this, it’s like tapping into a new power you didn’t know was there in you all along.  Sometimes it gets a little confusing when you go through these ups and downs wondering what the universe is trying to tell you.  It can even be a little nerve-wracking!  But it’s a wondrous sensation.  You break through the walls, and finally free yourself to be the artist you always were but never knew existed.  All that pain and life experience you went through pays off in a moment such as this.  It’s stimulating, awe inspiring, and it’s the gateway to another world.  When you take the red pill, and walk through that door, your world is never the same again.

So I’m going celebrate freeing myself now with some Freling.  😉

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