“You Always Have To Have Your Little Joke, Bob!”

 Today, Valentines Day, is the birthday of the legendary Jack Benny, who would have been 39 this year.   To celebrate, I’m posting one of his funniest episodes, guest starring the hilarious and brilliant Bob Hope.  Benny’s greatest comedian guest stars, including Hope, George Burns, and Groucho Marx, were also his best friends.  One of the things his friends liked to do on his show was play tricks on him in the middle of sketches to get him to crack up, which in many cases was just far too easy.  Hope does it here by changing the script for the sketch on Jack in the middle of the show!  But the thing here that makes it work and why its so funny is the two of them let the audience in on the joke, and Hope being a master comedian and a master improviser had the skills to pull it off and make it funny for everyone.  This was part of the magic of live television, so everything you see is exactly as it happens.   

This episode is “The Road to Nairobi”.  And oh yes, Happy Valentine‘s Jack Benny Day everybody!    


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