RIP Patty Andrews

The Andrews Sisters (from left to right, Maxine, Patty, and LaVerne

The Last of the famous trio The Andrews Sisters, Patty Andrews died today at the age of 94.  Over the last two years I’ve gotten to see much more of The Andrews in their heyday during the 40’s at the time of World War II.  They were a tremendous singing group, and made appearances in several films with Abbott and Costello, one of their biggest being Buck Privates.  They actually had a solo feature film called “Always A Bridesmaid”, which was actually a pretty decent comedy (Check out my review of that film from Cinecon:  Click Here! )

Abbott and Costello with The Andrew Sisters in Buck Privates

But where I remember The Andrews Sisters the most however, were the songs they did for several Walt Disney films in the 40’s.  So in honor of The Andrews Sisters, here they are singing the narration for Walt Disney’s classic cartoon short, “Little Toot”!  

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