Extra! Extra!

Had my first flu shot yesterday, and all day today I’ve been feeling like crap, annoying headaches, temperature, etc.  I know it’s supposed to be the shot taking effect, so I wouldn’t say I’m sick.  But I am feeling like hell!  I don’t feel like posting something long today, but I promised myself I would post something every day, no matter how little or long.  So todays post you get to hear more about moi.  So there!    

The picture above is from my appearance on How I Met Your Mother, in the episode Desperation Day, which aired on Valentines Day in 2011.  It ushered in my debut as a TV extra, a job which I did for 1 1/2 years.  I have to say it as one of the better jobs I had, because I only had to go in a few times a month, and on occasion there’s the perk of seeing yourself on TV (but it’s rare).  The downside of course is the shitty hours, sometimes where work would start at 4:am and you’d be there till 10pm!  At 4am, we’d have to sit out in the freezing cold waiting for our call, and you’d wait almost 4 or 5 hours just to do about 15 to 20 minutes of work, and then you’re back in the bull pen till they say you can go.  But I got to go on the lots of a few big studios, and a few of the shows I was on included Awake, House, Bitch in Apt. 23 (I appeared in one of the last episodes in December, and my head got the CGI treatment.  Don’t ask.).  I drove my car in the background for the pilot of Jeff Daniel’s Newsroom, Breaking In, and a few others.  

The work I hated the most was audience work, and most of the shows were pretty mind numbing…there was a day time court show (The day found out those court TV shows were fake!), a game show where when the contestants lost they were dropped through a trap door.  At one point there was an accident where the guy got his leg caught in the door when it malfunctioned.  The guy was okay, but since they couldn’t get the trap door to work, they sent us home.  Another one I did was a Jerry Springer dating game (yes Jerry Springer, and it was as trashy as it sounds!)  Another one, I was in the audience for a stand up comedian show, and I had to sit through 57 stand up comedian acts in one day, each one about 5 to 7 minutes.  And we had to stay perky and pretend to laugh at the bad jokes.  These acts were awful, and it felt pretty much like the longest day of my life!  

I stopped doing Extra work in May of last year, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless.  The first one for How I met Your mother was the best one I had, but the second best is the one in this video below from the show House in its last season.  If you look at the guy drinking coffee right behind Hugh Laurie, you’ll see a familiar face.  🙂    


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