Star Trek V Score by Jerry Goldsmith

For a bad Trek movie, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier has in my opinion the BEST score of any Star Trek film, and its one I could listen to any time over and over again.  It was composed by the amazing and brilliant Jerry Goldsmith.  I’ve said before I have a soft spot love for Star Trek V.  I know it’s an terribly silly film, the plot and jokes are just awful.  But as a filmmaker, if there’s one thing I learned from my friends, you can give yourself permission to love crap.  And I love this film.  Even for those haters, if there is one thing we can all agree that isn’t crap about it at all, it’s the score, which I hold at Number 1 (Wrath of Kahn (#2) and First Contact (#3) ranking my top Trek movie scores.     At some point I want revisit all the Star Trek films and review them before the new Star Trek Into Darkness comes out.  But until then, listen to Star Trek V for yourself and hear the master Goldsmith at work!  



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