Secret of Nimh Behind The Scenes Pic

This was a photo posted on Aint It Cool News today from the animated film, The Secret of Nimh.  That’s Don Bluth, director of the film with the lantern model.  If you remember in the film, Ms. Brisby rides in the lantern elevator with Mr. Ages.  The lantern was shot on film and then rotoscoped for animation.  For those who don’t know, rotoscoping is a term for when they would shoot live action footage, and the animator would trace over the subject.  It was developed by the Fleischer Studio and Disney used it quite a bit when animating human characters, but it was also useful in animating moving inanimate objects such as this elevator lantern, keeping the level of drawing consistent and saving time for the animators.  Rotoscoping in CG of course is Motion-capture, with CG characters duplicating human movements.  Even in most 2D animation produced today, rotoscoping doesn’t seem like its used much anymore, but I loved this shot, and Nimh of course is the first and best film Don Bluth directed.  


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