Spanky and Finny

Here’s a good scene with one of my favorite comic actors, James Finlayson, playing off of young Spanky from Our Gang.  Finny was a master actor, often considered king of the double-take.  But the guy is also a total inspiration for animators.  Check out in the scene I posted below how he transitions into different poses and facial expressions.  He was an incredibly physical actor, usually playing characters that were short, excitable and manic, and most of the time very hot tempered.  He was born in Scotland, and his signiature mustache was a fake.  Often he played the foil in may Hal Roach films, most notably in the Laurel and Hardy films.  Two of my favorite Laurel and Hardy films he’s in are Big Business, where the boys get into a fight with him and wind up destroying his house, and the feature Way out West, where Finn plays the villainous saloon owner.  But on of my all time favorite Finny performances is Ladies Night at the Turkish Bathhouse (Click Here  to see my review from Cinecon).  I wrote a post about Finny a few months ago (James Finlyason Post ).  I also talk more in that post about “Ladies Night”.  If you can seek it out, it’s a hilarious film.  There will be plenty more material I will seek out on this great actor. 


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