I’m Cuckoo and You’re Cuckoo…Tra-La-La-La-La-La-La!

This is the Swedish poster to my second favorite Laurel and Hardy feature, Way Out West.  I love the cartoony designs in this!  That cowboy behind the boys is just a great design, and those badass cartoon horses.  Just great stuff.  I wrote a short review of the film when I saw it again on the big screen at Cinecon back in September ( Click Here! )  It’s a really fun movie.  Many times in the Laurel and Hardy features, the boys usually played second banana to the bland uninteresting love interests in the film nobody really cares about.  It’s a formula with comedy teams of that period though, and even a few of the Abbot and Costello features are like that.  But among my favorites along with Way Out West is Flying Deuces, and I think I like they’re films more when the movies are just about them as characters getting into trouble (like they’re shorts).  

 Oliver Hardy is one of my all time favorite comedians, and what I love about him is that for as big a man as he was, he was incredibly light on his feet, and was capable of some terrific physical comedy.  One of the biggest highlights of Way Out West is this hilarious dance number.  Check it out!:  



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