“I Sense Much Anger In You”

After having a talk and consulting with Counselor Troi, I declare my rant about Andrews and Chapman to be over.  I think I’ve said all that needs to be said. 

It‘s not that I expect to influence or change anybody’s mind.  People do have to walk their own path in their lives, even if it’s one I strongly disagree with.  But I think it’s important to point out just how much of a cynical political game the animation industry plays.  There is a “protocol” if you will, about how people approach themselves in this business, and how they are expected to react when a big issue comes up like this.  People know what their expected to feel, nobody likes it, but most of us have to live with the outcome of being disappointed, and the most anyone can do is show moral support 

In going on these rants however, it’s of my opinion that not everyone has to necessarily sit back and take it for what it is.  The animation industry in many ways can be compared to the most closeted and conservative families out there.  I say family in the sense that, while the industry is small, all of us as animators have the same common goals for each other.  We all have the same dreams and ambitions.  We’ve all sought out the desire for success in ourselves and in the eyes of our families and the people around us.  Everyone, no matter who they are, wants to make their mark.  When trouble arises, it’s easy to go after studio executives, and blame them as if they were a nasty father figure always telling us what to do.  But sometimes I think we forget to look at the people around us as well.  The people we work with.  Not just as other artists, but how we treat each other in the field as human beings.  A majority of bad things happen among artists, where there may be backstabbing or doing something that bridges a gap between each other.  Sometimes its putting down someone else to get ahead.  In certain situations, one person may feel they have their hands tied in a situation, especially when they have to answer to a higher power.  But as people, we all have to remember that we have free will, and that we have a choice.  There are times when we may be forced to play the industry game.  But in playing the game, we still have the ability to make our own choices, conceding to the feelings and needs of others when necessary.  And when it’s right, there is always the choice to walk away.  What I think matters most right now is that more people need to open their eyes and take a look at the people around them.  Especially in a difficult business such as animation.  Like a family, everyone in the animation business is expected to support each other.  But as we all know, that doesn‘t always happen.   

So I’m letting this go nowThe Prime Directive is in place.  Lets hope the next time something like this happens, other people will be less inclined to sit back and do nothing.  For all the unfairness and judging that goes on among other animators, someday, maybe, it won’t take so many bruises before anyone decides to protest.  


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