Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Producer Katherine Sarafian and Director Mark Andrews

 In talking about my complaints about Mark Andrews speech at the Golden Globes on Cartoon Brew, I got a counter post from a fellow animator, who feels that the incident regarding credit for the film should just be let go.  Personally, the fact that there is no heated debate at all surrounding this puzzles the hell out of me.  They are still willing to give Brenda co director credit on the film, and yet she is not allowed to take home the award for her work.  To the person who argued my point, I wrote a reply comment, which Cartoon Brew decided not to post, but I’m reposting it here:

For one Mark only has so much time to say much of anything while accepting an award, secondly he did not have to mention her but yet he did. Thirdly, Mark has been more than respectful of Brenda. Directors get changed out all the time when Brad Bird took over Ratatouille no one when on and on about it yet people have griped now for months about the whole Brenda Chapman ordeal. Let it die already, Brenda was also removed from a film at DreamWorks. Mark did not personally take a movie away nor should he be bashed for doing his job.”

Nobody said anything about Mark personally taking the movie away from her. I agree, he was brought on to do his job, and he did it well, and I’m sure Mark and Brenda are respectful of each others talent. That’s not the issue here. It is within Marks power as a human being to show more gratitude, thanks, and respect towards Brenda at these award ceremonies. It’s based on the fact that if it wasn’t for her and her movie, he would not have been given the opportunity to move up in his career and receive the honor he’s getting now. He owes her big time. This has nothing to do with politics, or with Brenda being a woman, or the fact that she didn’t get to finish her movie. This is also not comparable to Brad Bird, who already established himself as a director by the time he won for Ratatoullie. Brenda like Brad already established herself as a director which is why Pixar hired her. Mark is a newbie director, having only previously directed a short film. Based on those well known facts, I think he has the time in his speech to show a little more honest appreciation towards Brenda. It’s not going to hurt Mark to say it. He doesn’t have to get emotional. But he owes her a lot more thanks in his acceptance speeches than just “Thanks Brenda for the great story.” 

Thoughts anyone?  


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