That’s it, I’ve had it with Mark Andrews

That’s fucking it.  I’m pulling out all the guns here.  I’m in full rant mode.  My fucking Scorpio Stinger is out.  

I swear to fucking God, I was absolutely furious at the acceptance speech by Mark Andrews when he took the Golden Globe for Brave.  The sheer lack of humility on display in his speech astounds me in the fact that he gives absolutely no real credit to Brenda Chapman for a film that is not his to begin with.  Brenda is mentioned only briefly in the speech as the “the one who came up with the story”.  The attitude and arrogance on display tonight disgusts me.  And I don’t even like the movie Brave!  But I’ll tell you what really angers me about this.  

It’s like the whole intention behind making Brave to begin with suddenly did a complete 180.  It was supposed to be Pixar’s first film with a woman antagonist, considering they’ve made 12 films about guys already.  It was to be the first Pixar film directed by a woman director, who came up with the entire concept of the film to begin with.  It’s ironic it took Pixar this long to give a woman her own film and make it happen when Dreamworks already made at least 3 films at this point with women attached as directors, with one of them actually being Brenda Chapman on their second animated feature, Prince of Egypt.  But I swear after watching Mark Andrews “I’m King of the World” Attitude in accepting the award, Pixar just set itself and a woman‘s dignity back to the 1950’s.  For him to just get up there and take all the credit as if it were his own movie, and for everyone else in the animation community to just sit back and take it for what it is…it’s just beyond me.  The political maneuvering here is beyond bullshit.  This woman, Brenda Chapman, above and beyond deserves so much more credit for this.  She’s not just a second hand helper.  She’s the reason Mark Andrews is going to get promoted.  This whole situation is wrong.  

Granted, I have no idea why Brenda was taken off the movie.  I don’t know how much of the desicion to pull her was really about the movie.  But I can smell bad political manuvearing here, even if it might have come down to the stupid decision that someone promised Mark Andrews his own movie and that’s what it came down to in taking Brenda off and giving it to him.  I don’t know, I can’t say for sure.  But I can tell just by how fucking cocky he is and lacking in humility and dignity for Brenda in his speech, considering that if it wasn’t for HER, he would not be standing there right at that moment.  If you want to see what I’m talking about in his speech, go to 2:26 right now and watch him.       

It’s beyond disgusting. 

I’ll tell you something else.  I’m just as pissed off at the animation community right now, just by the fact that no one is bothering to step aside and try to do something to stand up for Brenda.  All I see people doing is giving her moral support.  Well, that’s nice.  But if we want to talk about being BRAVE here, how about a couple of anybody, young animators on BRAVE at Pixar go up to Mark Andrews and tell him he’s making a mistake.  How about somebody whose in an important position at Pixar take a stand and walk out of the company.  And I mean walk out on a moral stance of just the pathetic attitudes of white men running a company where freedom to be an artist and do your own thing is obviously a lie.   

Mark has ingrained himself in the Pixar Boy’s Club.  Right now, unless he changes his attitude the next time Brave wins and award, I’m calling him a coward.  Right now, he’s letting politics dictate his actions as a person.  He’s more interested in climbing the ladder and reaching for that golden trophy instead of dropping the shenanigans, letting the honor go, and give it up to Brenda, giving her the credit she deserves.  This is not about making somebody a star.  This is not about giving success over to another person, because even if Mark handed the award over to Brenda, it probably wouldn’t change anything regarding her status in the industry.  What I’m talking about is doing something noble and generous for another human being.  I’m talking about standing up for a colleague.  There is honor and dignity in that.  He doesn’t have to give up the award, but he’s got to share the honor equally with her.  
Unfortunatly, I have no position of power in the industry.  I can’t do anything personally.  The most I was able to do was write this Open Letter To Mark Andrews:  Click Here  and hope that, God willing, somehow it may reach him, and that Mark may actually decide to be a guy who practices what he preaches in his film and summon the courage to do the right thing and give Brenda the credit she deserves.  Because right now he’s being a fool.  And Mark, if you’re reading this, there are people out there away from your inner circle who see you.  We can see you, man, and we’re watching how you’re taking these awards.  You gotta stop this charade.  You gotta stop letting Lassiter, or whoever’s in charge of you pull you’re strings.  Remember what they said on Star Trek?  Sometimes the best way to win is to not play the game.  This time, have the courage not to play the game, and step outside of yourself and be your own man.  Give Brenda all the real credit she deserves.  

There are a few Major awards left coming up…The Annies and The Oscars.  Maybe if you decide to rewrite you’re acceptance speeches a little, it might show just how much of a man, and how “BRAVE” you really are.   


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