Everybody loves Amid

I posted a pretty good response to somebody who wrote a comment on January 1st on Cartoon Brew regarding the article “Clarence”.  It was in response to my continuing argument about young artists getting their own shows and achieving success too soon in their careers.  Amid Amidi however, decided he’s had enough of my arguing, and by using the length of my posts as an excuse to end the argument, he sent me the following email: 

 “Your comment on the “Clarence” post wasn’t approved. Your essay-length responses to anyone who expresses an opinion contrary to your own are disruptive to the site and not in the spirit of respectful, meaningful discussion between artists.


Now, I’m not one to let a good rebuttal go to waste.  So here’s what I emailed Amid in return:

“What exactly do you consider a discussion on your site then, Amid?  Because I’ll tell you right now there is none.  No professional artist in animation is ever going to speak truthfully about what the industry is really like.  They won’t, because they were trained on their first day of art school not to rock the boat or piss anyone off or their reputation would be ruined.  So what you consider a discussion on Cartoon Brew in truth amounts to either a bunch of mindless encouragement/praising, or a lot of bitching from animators about studio executives.  There is no discussion ANYWHERE from industry professionals about the real problems facing our industry. 

In response to (industry artist I sent a reply), I’ve treated her like every other person I’ve talked to, and I would say the same thing if I were talking to Eric Goldberg. This artist who is the subject of the article is an example of someone who could be easily manipulated based on the fact that he’s too young and has no life experience.  That will be used against him if he’s not careful.  Young artists need to hear this stuff, because they all assume when they’re in college that success is the main goal, but so many who achieve it too early risk falling hard.  Art schools like Cal Arts are in it for themselves and their reputation, and they’re constantly promoting early success.  This is a topic that should be publicly discussed. 

If I really didn’t know what I was talking about, you wouldn’t be raising a fuss like this.  How many comments do you post everyday from people you know have no clue as to what they’re talking about?


Mike Caracappa” 

Amid sent an email back not really worth posting, except to continue arguing that my posts were too long.  Which is not the real issue, he’s using political maneuvering to shut me up.  It not surprising at all he’s not listening.  

I’m sure one day Amid will be open to the idea of turning Cartoon Brew into a place where artists can have actual meaningful discussion.  A place where people can talk about the more pressing issues of our industry.  I’m sure he’d love that for his siteBut he’s got other things on his mind right now, like telling other animators how popular he is


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