KyToons Presents: Watch What You Eat!

Yesterday at Thanksgiving, my 6 year old cousin Kyla and I had our first filmmaking collaboration using Toon Boom Storyboard Pro.  Kyla came up with the story, did all the drawings and coloring on my Cintiq, and I “assisted”, animating the character for her based on what she wanted the dinosaur to do.  Just to let you know, she’s quite the director!  I gave her very few suggestions just to give her a little nudge…a few of which she threw out!

The title of her cartoon is: Watch What You Eat!
Here’s Kyla’s first animated cartoon!  

After this first cartoon, we made a sequel called Watch What You Eat 2!  And of course, being a sequel, she wanted to make it a little more epic.  And while technically this version is a variation on the same story, the one thing that changed about this story (and surprised me) is that she gave it a proper ending.  I suggested at the end if the T rex ate the meat and became Godzilla sized, and she said “No, I just want him to go back to normal and be happy.”  She learned right away and knew exactly what she wanted.

We may have a budding filmmaker on our hands.  đź™‚

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