The Music Box Steps!


Today I visited the famous Music Box Steps from the 1932 Academy Award winning Laurel & Hardy short, “The Music Box”! For those of you who have never seen the short, you can watch it below, but the film centers around the boys as delivery men, who have to move a piano up a tremendous flight of stairs. Below in the video, I take you for a little march up these long stairs! As you can see when you watch the short, all of the buildings on the left side of the stairs weren’t there and it was just a huge open field of grass. 

By the way, anyone actually contemplating buying the house at the top of the stairs (!) The house in the video is not the one for sale, but it was the next house over.  I went and checked it out.  Kind of a quaint little home, but it had a great view of Downtown! 

The Plaque above on the stairs reads:  “This plaque marks the site of the making of “The Music Box” winner of the 1932 Academy Award for Short Subject-Comedy.  This film starred comic legends Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy who also employed this location in their 1927 film “Hats Off”.  Both films were produced by the Hal Roach Studio. 

Below is the original “Music Box” short.  It’s about 30 minutes, but it’s one of Laurel and Hardy’s finest comedies. 


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