Hardboiled Graves and Nuts! Mmph!

I paid a visit this morning to Oliver Hardy. My first visit in fact! 

Ollie was cremated and is currently at Vahalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood, Ca. off of Victory Blvd.  Our visit was pretty spontaneous as I was taking my dad to work this morning, we passed by the grave site and he waved to Ollie.  I said I had never seen his grave, so we decided to make a pit stop to show our respects.  The plaque on the wall was a dedication made by The Sons of The Desert, the official Laurel and Hardy club which has tents all over the United States.  While the plaque definitely shows a humble, sincere appreciation for this great comedian, I almost wish they could have shown a little more of a sense of humor.  We all know the most obvious and greatest epitaph for Ollie’s grave: “Here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!”   I’m certain wherever Ollie is now he would have a laugh over it. 

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