North by Northwest NY shooting locations


This is rad.  One of my film historian friends, Michael Schlesinger, posted this link for a website called “Scouting New York”, and in their current post they actually went out and scouted all the NY locations used in the first 45 minutes of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic North By Northwest.  A few locations of real places turned out to be fake replicas built on a soundstage for the film.  But what I thought was REALLY interesting:  the scouters discovered that wherever Cary Grant went in Manhattan (after he said where he was going), the directions and streets you see him take in the movie are all geographically accurate.  If you have some time, check out this link (Click Here) and you can see where they found some of the locations compared to shots from the film. If you’re a fan of North By Northwest like I am, then you know this is pretty damn cool!    


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