New Teasers this week: The Lone Ranger and The Croods

Two new teaser trailers came out today that are worth mentioning. First,

Disney’s “The Lone Ranger”:

 So this is the tremendously expensive John Carter scale film Disney has for 2013. Clearly the focus of the trailer is how much money the spent on the visuals. There’s some interesting stuff here, but for me the trailer fails to establish the Lone Ranger as a character, putting little to no focus on him. If it weren’t for the title of the movie, really I would have no idea this was supposed to be a Lone Ranger movie. As for Johnny Depp’s Tonto…well, they play him seriously here, but I still have a feeling they’re gonna make him goofy and weird ala Jack Sparrow. When have I trusted a trailer from Disney to be totally accurate? I do hope it turns out to be good. John Carter had its moments this year, but I wasn’t terribly impressed by it, with the lack of a strong villain, and a lead character who had almost no charisma. We shall see.

 Second, Dreamworks “The Croods”:

 I’m pretty disappointed by this trailer. Dreamworks has had a pretty strong line of animated films, and this will be the first of 3 animated films they have coming out next year. But the celebrity voice acting just isn’t selling it, and the humorous moments kind of fall flat. Chris Sanders who directed “How to Train your Dragon” is doing this. I’ll be honest, I think Dragon had its moments, but I’m not a terribly big fan of that movie that most people are. The humor just doesn’t quite hit it with me, and again the lead character Hiccup had a voice that was just uninspired to me. With the Croods, they’re promoting all the tired animation cliches (daughter wants to be free from her controlling father, yadda yadda). The adventure aspect in the second half is a little more interesting, but it seems so boring that cavemen are speaking articulated English.


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