BTS Fighting Kentuckian pic

Currently at the airport on a layover flight, so no big lengthly posts for now.  It might start getting busy this week, so I might be updating every other day, and I want to see Looper again and do a spoiler review, so I’ll see if I can do that later this week. 

But above here’s a cool pic from the set of The Fighting Kentuckian, starring John Wayne and co starring Oliver Hardy.   It’s an enjoyable movie and Ollie is fun in the film.  It may be the only feature Ollie ever appeared in without Stan, but apparently him and the Duke were good friends, which is how Ollie got involved.  The guy in the center of the photo is none other than Norman Rockwell!  I’m not sure how he was involved in the making of the film, or if he’s just there for a visit.  But it’s still cool nonetheless. 


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