Top Film Score Tracks:”No Following” from The Iron Giant

Here’s a continuous column I might try…my favorite film score cues.  I may not be able to add the music samples to some of them depending on their availability, but I found a few from youtube I can post later.

Anyway, here to start it off is “No Following” from the Goodbye Sequence in The Iron Giant.  The score here not only builds to the climactic moment, but also the way it settles down into a kind of melancholy tune, as Hogarth moves on with his life, but still carries the emotional impact of his friendship with the giant (“I miss him.”)

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop talking about how much I love this movie, its my absolute favorite movie of all time.  Michael Kamen’s score is just haunting and beautiful, and for me one of my favorite scores he’s ever written.  Sadly, Mr. Kamen is no longer with us.  But his legacy of memorable score’s lives on.  And this film is one of his finest.


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