CINECON 48 Classic Films Festival: Aug. 30th – Sept. 3rd

For all you classic film lovers and aspiring filmmakers, if you live in the Los Angeles area, I want to call to your attention one of the greatest classic film festivals out there, CINECON 48.  I’ve attended this festival for 3 years now, and its outstanding.  You’ll get to see rarely seen Hollywood films from the 10s, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s…everything from short subjects to feature films.  You’ll get to discover a few stars of the time you may have never heard of, and sometimes the stars of those films make special guest visits to Cinecon.  If you are a film student, this is a great way to increase your film education 10 fold!

From “Gentle Julia” playing this year at Cinecon

Many of the films listed I haven’t seen, but last year I was introduced to a great film called “Stormy Weather”, an all African-American musical, featuring Cab Calloway, and my first introduction to The Nicholas Brothers, an absolutely incredible tap dancing duo.  There are some classic comedy shorts as well including a Harold Lloyd short “Hot Water”.  You can watch a time when these classic comedians did incredible, unbelievable stunts that no studio would EVER let their big star do today.  One of my favorite all time classic shorts is Buster Keaton’s High Sign, which feature a chase through a house, built like a dollhouse, where you can see Keaton running through several rooms and trap doors, climbing up several times to the second story part of the house, while falling back down…and watching it all done in one take.  It’s UNBELIEVABLE.

One film I have seen on the list that I highly recommend you check out is Laurel and Hardy’s “Way Out West”.  It’s one of the duo’s best films next to “March of the Wooden Soldiers”, and the great thing about it is that it doesn’t feature a love interest or a bland hero character that make the boy’s supporting players in the film.  This is a film about the two of them, just like any of their short subjects.  It’s funny and brilliant, and I can’t wait to see it come alive on the big screen.

Harold Lloyd in the short “Hot Water”  

I’m also planning to check out “Fearless Flanagan” with the amazing Janet Leigh, “Always a Bridesmaid”, and a few others.  It is an amazing and rare opportunity to see these great classics on the big screen run on 35mm.  We all know there are the cemented classics like “Gone with the Wind”, “Casablanca”, “Some Like It Hot”, “Sing’n in the Rain”, etc.  But it’s important to expand your base of knowledge, as from even the films were the stories aren’t still good, there is still plenty to learn from the technique, cutting, and cinematography employed in these films.  If you are indeed a lover of film, do not miss out on this incredible event. CLICK HERE FOR FILM SCHEDULE

Fearless Flanagan

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