Going to Dark Knight Rises/ Commentary on the Colorado shooting

Well, it’s been almost a week since my last post, so I’ll just update a little bit here.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the new Batman, The Dark Knight Rises this weekend.  Harry Knowles hated it, so it’s bound to be good…Right?  I hope so.  His frustrations with it had to do with what he thought was not an appropriate depiction of Batman’s character, and that Batman went against the character he was in the comics.  Well for me…I’m not bound by the comics, so I’m just riding on what I think will be Nolan’s depiction of the Bat.  It’s his vision, so I’m willing to ride with it.  I’ll post a review of it after I see it this weekend.

I also just wanted to say something about the shooting that happened at the Colorado Batman screening last night.  First of all, I am deeply saddened by these events and my heart goes out to the families and their loss.  It is scary to think of the horror these people endured, for people who were excited to wait till midnight to watch the latest Batman film.  It is a terrible, terrible tragedy, and I think there is some truth to what was said…that as film geeks, we saw an attack on our community.  These are people like us who love the movies.  To hear of those who were innocently slaughtered, its horrible to hear about those people, who only went in expecting to see something that would make them happy.

As for the shooter, James Holmes…like the rest of us, I can only speculate why he would do something like this to innocent people.  The only explanation I can think of is that the man was probably mentally ill.  There was talk that he was pretty much a recluse.  Something in his mind made him snap and made him believe he did what he had to do for the right reasons…the only reasons that made sense to him.  His intention seems obvious enough that he wanted to send a message, and if that’s the case, he certainly got the reaction he wanted from everyones shocked and angry responses.  Talks about gun control, censorship, violence in the media are all these huge topics going around online from people’s comments.  His actions seem straight out of a movie, right down to rigging his apartment to explode as police went there, which they thankfully averted.

But for someone to feel so compelled to do something this horrendous, I will say truthfully from my own perception….I don’t see a monster in this person.  The media wants us to see him in that way, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the killer himself wants everyone around him to think of him as one.  It’s exactly what he wants…but I refuse to believe it.  I see a man who had something missing in his life.  There’s all this talk about how shocked everyone who knew him was that he would do something like this, including his family who claims to have no idea what drove him to kill so many innocent people.  Well clearly that’s bullshit.  It seems like nobody ever bothered to pay attention to him.  Before a person is compelled to do something like this, there is always a cry for help in one form or another.  Killers aren’t born, their human beings first.  I hate the picture the media has posted to portray this guy.  With that smile, it makes him look sadistic and evil.  Everyone seems to be doing their best to paint a picture of a monster that needs to be destroyed, by capital punishment or otherwise to pay for his crimes.  There’s something wrong here. I’m not saying this guy shouldn’t be punished for his crimes.  But the way he just turned himself in after it was all over, its like he wants this…like he wants people to see him as this nasty human being.  He’s got our attention now.  Everyone is paying attention to him…and it had to be at the cost of a dozen lives and 70 wounded.  Why would he want people to hate him?  He just seems kind of sad….and lost.

It just sounds like there was something empty inside him he could never fill.  It’s hard to say because I don’t know him personally.  But it sounds like nobody did really.  I wish a lot of people would stop looking at every other issue to blame (like gun control, violence in media, censorship, etc.)  and stop and look at the man himself.  What he did was truly awful, yes.  But I’m not angry at him for it.  I don’t believe anyone who says that he’s evil or a monster.  I just feel sorry for him.  I’m sorry the people around him hardly got to know him or see what was happening to him.  He is alone in this world, and that’s probably the heaviest thing anyone can bear.  I am sorry for the victims of this crime.  I am also sorry for James Holmes, who probably didn’t deserve what happened to him in his life without anyone to notice, and the terrible price that was paid because of it.

I am going to see Batman this weekend, because I really don’t want a sad event like this to deter me from it.  But really, if I’m going to pray for the victims of this tragedy, I’m going to pray for the man behind the gun as well.  No one deserves to be the victim of such a heinous crime.  But nobody deserves to walk the world alone either.


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