They Call Me Trinity (1970) Dir. Enzo Barboni

This is a great Spaghetti Western I was introduced to last night, which not only features two awesomely badass protagonists (Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer), it’s also hilariously funny.  I’m talking about of course the film They Call Me Trinity.  I’ve seen very few Spaghetti Westerns in general, but this is probably the first I’ve seen thats an all out comedy.  Most of the fights are choreographed in a very slapstick fashion, as guys get flipped around and thrown out of windows, another guy gets shot in the nuts from under a balcony, and then there’s the main character Trinity (Terrence Hill), who can shoot bad guys behind him without turning around.  It’s an all out great and very fun film.

But what really makes this film work is the relationship between Trinity and his brother Bambino, an outlaw secretly acting as sheriff while he broke the real sheriffs leg and left him for dead somewhere.  Bambino is probably my favorite character in the whole film.  He can literally take a punch from anyone without flinching and the guy is built like a rock.  He walks around town with a grunting, surly attitude, as he responds to anyone walking by who says “Hi Sheriff!” with a quick “Shut up!”.  But really its the chemistry between these two characters that really sells it, as Bambino sort of puts up with his brother Trinity, a feared gunslinger in the west who always walks around town with his happy-go-lucky attitude.

The plot mostly centers around Bambino and Trinity protecting a group of peace loving missionaries (someone in the film refers to them as Mormons) from nasty villain Major Harriman and his gang of mexican outlaws.  The missionaries of course forbid the use of guns on their land to protect themselves, so Bambino and Trinity wind up teaching them hand to hand combat.  This is the kind of film that never for a moment takes itself seriously, and that winds up being its most charming aspect.  The threat is real enough, but no fight scene is too far out or over the top.

For anyone who wants to see a really great, fun comedy, this film is available on Netflix for rental.  Now I’m looking forward to checking out the sequel, “They Still Call Me Trinity”, which I heard is superior to the original.  If the sequel is definitely better than this film, I’m there for sure.  Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer were a team together for 18 films (not all of them being westerns).  But if their other films are any indication of what I’ve seen in this one, then I think this movie has made me a fan.  I LOVE this movie, and I’m looking forward to checking out more of their future collaborations.


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