BREIF REVIEW: Snow White and The Huntsman (2012) Dir. Rupert Sanders

I’m going to keep this short because I don’t really have much on my mind that’s worth saying about Snow White and the Huntsman.  The best thing I can say about is…well…it’s pretty.  But emotionally the film is pretty empty.  I thought Charlize Theron was going to make a great evil queen from the trailers.  But she’s just not that scary.  She tries of course, trying to sound intimidating when she screams at people, but she just doesn’t seem like she can go all the way.  I think she has the look and she tries to own the part, but as far as being a powerful, threatening monarch goes, she’s not quite there, and overall (despite her looks) I thought she was miscast.

Chris Hemsworth is really given nothing to do as the Huntsman, and looks more like he’s just dragged along in tow on the adventure without any real reason for being there.  Seriously though, why did the queen hire this guy?  Her evil brother manages to track Snow White down just fine on his own, and he does it several times.  Huntsman’s character just seems like a wasted opportunity.  As far as Snow White goes, she starts as a vulnerable innocent girl, and turns around to lead an army against the evil queen.  Only she’s had no training nor has she gained any military experience to have us really believe she could be “the one” to lead the fight.  Her arc comes off as being false, and I never really believed in her growth and development as a character.  Enter the seven dwarves and a childhood friend who slings a bow and arrow, and you’ve basically got a lite version of Lord of the Rings with helicopter shots of the crew with the dwarves going over epic backdrops.  There’s also a scene with an elk that looks like it was lifted straight out of Princess Mononoke.  That moment also feels extraneous, and doesn’t seem to have any real purpose or meaning to the story.

And I’ve just got to say…Snow White’s father is a numbskull.  After his wife dies of illness, he’s off fighting in a battle where he discovers Charlize Theron, and he is so taken with her beauty that he marries her the next day.  Then surprise surprise, she kills him and takes over the kingdom bringing darkness across the land.  Doesn’t a king have…you know…advisors… who might point out that he’s rushing into a commitment with a woman he only just met? And wouldn’t any military general leading his army might suspect that the woman could be a spy or a saboteur, considering she happened to be found in the middle of a battle with their enemies?  This is a fantasy world full of magic and treachery.  Why would no one raise suspicions about finding the queen like this?  

I don’t care if its a fairy tale or the 1950’s, I’m just really tired of watching couples decide to get married five minutes after they meet!  I’m only interested in that if we see the consequences of rushing into a relationship (aside from a plot to stab the other in the back).  It’s seriously stupid.  It amazes me how people in the 1950’s continually fell for this plot device when its just not truthful to expect everything will be alright in the end when two people rush into marriage.  Gah!

So in a nutshell, if you have to see this film, go see it for all the pretty visuals and creatures.  But just be warned, its a boring film without a real beating heart or emotional core.  The story is just uninspired and limp, and not really worth your $12.50 to see it.


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