A brief tribute: Towed In The Hole (1932)

I want to make an effort to post something on the blog everyday, and while I plan to see Men In Black III and Moonrise Kingdom over the weekend (which I’ll have reviews up for shortly)  I wanted to post a brief tribute to one of my absolute favorite Laurel and Hardy shorts, “Towed In The Hole”.

I’m an avid Laurel and Hardy fan, having seen all of their sound films and most of their features and silent shorts.  Even their weaker shorts have great moments of hilarity.  But the ones that do work all the way through are pitch perfect, from the pacing and comic timing to the gags that build to hilarious conclusions, the energy never lets up for a second.  A lot of the credit was due to Stan Laurel who played a major role in writing the gags for the team.

The clip below highlights a few scenes from “Towed in the Hole”, but really you have to go out and find the full short to experience just how brilliant this thing is, and how brilliant these two were as a comedy duo.  The short is about the boys running a moderately successful fish business.  When Stan gets an idea that they should get a fishing boat and get their own fish, Ollie goes along with it, believing he can save money by “cutting out the middle man”.  Of course, whenever Ollie takes Stan’s advice, chaos tends to follow as he endures the nightmarish task of repairing the broken down ship with Stan’s “assistance”.

There are many great Laurel and Hardy shorts out there that I will highlight for future posts, but this is definitely one of their best.  Seek it out and laugh it up.    

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