Upcoming Summer Films 2012

The summer movie season has kicked off pretty strongly with The Avengers, then fell on its butt with Dark Shadows.  I couldn’t get myself to go see Battleship, which sounds like it was a turd sandwich.  But there are a few movies coming up this summer that I am definitely looking forward too.  There’s also some I’m fairly skeptical about, and at least one I have to see just to find out how much they actually screw it up (I’m looking at you Total Recall).  So here’s some of the films coming up I’m looking forward to.

Must See:

Moonrise Kingdom  Release: May 25th
I’m of the mind that Wes Anderson can basically do no wrong.  My favorite films of his include The Royal Tenanbaums and The Life Aquatic.  And now with Moonrise Kingdom it looks like he has his sights set on the scouts.  I’m not sure what kind of scouts they are exactly, and I don’t really know too much about the plot, but that seems like the perfect way to go into this movie.  Wes Anderson’s humor always gets to me, and I’m really looking forward to this.

Snow White and the Huntsman  

Release: June 1st
This movie looks pretty awesome, and visually striking.  All the stuff with Charlize Theron as The Queen looks great.  And Chris Hemsworth is just sexy and awesome, period.  This movie could potentially turn around and become an absolute disaster too…but so far with the trailers and monster fights…if anything it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.  Can’t wait.

Prometheus  Release: June 8th

I’m excited for this film, and because of that it’s on my must see list.  But as the movie gets closer I’m starting to hesitate a little bit.  Some of the new TV trailers look like they have been giving away a little too much of the plot, which somehow makes me a little suspicious about how this movie is going to turn out.  The early trailers were great and very mysterious.  But it seems like the advertising for the movie is starting to lose some of that mystery.  I remember Super 8 let me down after all the hype, and I’m hoping to God I don’t have the same experience here.

The Dark Knight Rises  Release: July 20th

Another one I’m putting on my must-see list because I’m excited for a Christopher Nolan Batman movie.  The sad thing I have to expect though is that there’s no way this film is going to top The Dark Knight.  The Joker was just too good a villain, always a step ahead of Batman, who pretty much wins out by the end of the film, forcing Batman to take the fall for Harvey Dent.  I haven’t seen what Catwoman looks like, but I’m not that thrilled with the look of Bane, who already I seem to have trouble understanding his dialogue in the trailers.  Hopefully they fix that by the time the movie comes out.  But I am very interested to find out what happens after the last film.

Paranorman  Release: August 17th
Finally an animated film I can get excited over!  I love the designs of the characters, the animation, and the story looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to this a lot more than Frankenwennie, because I’ve pretty much lost all hope in Tim Burton.  This movie actually looks like its going to be creepy and different…and a lot of fun.  I can’t wait.

Lawless  Release:  August 29th 

I only just recently heard about this movie, so I don’t really know that much about the plot.  But it’s about gangsters and prohibition, which is the kind of movie I’m always willing to check out.  Plus it’s got Gary Oldman, who we all know can do no wrong.

Will see, but skeptical:
Here’s a list of summer films I’m willing to see, but I proceed with caution.

Men in Black III  Release: May 25th

On the downside this movie comes in the wake of the not so good MIB II.  But the premise of time travel does sound interesting.  I guess Tommy Lee Jones is getting up there and can’t quite be the action hero he used to, so they’ve brought in Josh Brolin to replace him as a younger version of Agent K.  My guess is their plan is to keep Brolin around with Smith for future sequals without TLJ.  But Brolin is a great chameleon-like actor who can play just about anything (my favorite of his being Tom Cheney in True Grit).  I’m a little hesitant, but it looks like there could be some potential here.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter   

Release: June 22
Here’s a movie I’m definitely not so sure of now.  The premise sounded like stupid fun at first, but after seeing screenwriter Seth-Grahme-Smith’s heartless Dark Shadows script, I fear we may be in for something just as shallow with this film.  I know Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was adapted from a graphic novel by Smith, which apparently has a cult following.  But again with Tim Burton behind this, even as producer, I really don’t know if this is going to be any good.

Brave  Release: June 22nd

Pixar movies nowadays I pretty much always take with a grain of salt.  For me the last great Pixar film was The Incredibles, and everything since then has pretty much disappointed me.  And while it’s great that Pixar is finally making a film with a strong female protagonist, the fact that they ousted Brenda Chapman as director (who is a terrific story artist) and replaced her with Mark Andrews worries me about the fate of the film.  I went out to dinner once with Mark Andrews and some friends, and he is a nice enough guy.  But watching him speak in lectures and getting a glimpse into his personality, he just seems so…loud…and manly.  Not that I don’t think he has a softer side…but as for if he’s right for a movie about a scottish princess and can do her justice as a strong female protagonist…I really don’t know.  Most Pixar female characters are pretty tomboyish, so it’s hard to say whether this character will break the mold.  Based on Pixar’s previous track record and this sudden change in directors, I’m proceeding with caution on this one, but I really hope this film will turn things around for me and become just as classic as The Incredibles or Toy Story.

The Amazing Spiderman  Release: July 3rd
Honestly I don’t know about this one.  Andrew Garfield is just too good looking to play Peter Parker.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Sam Raimi Spiderman’s, but I thought Toby Maguire at least fit the part.  The villain also just looks kinda meh.  We’ll see though.  

See it just to see how much they screw it up:

Total Recall  Release:  August 3rd
And lastly, here comes Total Recall.  I very recently saw the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time and absolutely loved it.  It’s one of Arnold’s best…and next to Robocop it’s probably my favorite of Paul Verhoveen’s films.  The trailers for this make it look like the Psycho remake…a plot for plot point re-enactment.  And it’s probably going to have none of the camp or satire that made the original so great.  I’m curious to see just how much of a misfire this film is going to be.  WHY WHY WHY???

That’s my look at what’s on the horizon.  Do any of you out there see any films that look good to you?  

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