The High Sign (1921) Dir. Buster Keaton

I grew up more of a Chaplin fan, but thanks to my friend Stan Taffel I’ve been discovering the real genius that is Buster Keaton.  Keaton is the absolute master of comic timing.  Hell, he’s the master of comedy period.  I got to see this film The High Sign, and it’s absolutely one of the most brilliant comic shorts I’ve ever laid eyes on.  The gags are not only hilarious, but just watching how everything builds on one another.  The gags and situations are all in service to the story.  I can’t possibly go much further because I don’t want to ruin the amazing finale…I just can’t comprehend how they pulled it off.  If you have the time, it is a must see.  Check it out!:   Part 1
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


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